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customer referral program

Help us spread the word about our services and in turn, you can help animal charities.

We are big supporters of animal welfare and animal advocacy organizations, so we decided to create a unique referral program that not only helps grow our business, but more importantly, helps fund the work of animal charities working on our behalf.

How It Works:

Pass on our website, phone number or Facebook page to your family, friends and colleagues who are pet owners. If any of these people purchase a service from us, we will donate $10.00 in your honor to one of our favorite charities listed below. Let us know if you have a charity preference from our list by contacting us within 10 days of your referral.

Delta Community Animal Shelter
Circle F Horse Rescue Society
World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA)
International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)

A new donation will be made for each new customer you send our way.


Please instruct your referrals to mention your name as the person who referred them when they fill-out our online Service Request form or when they contact us directly. If we know who you are, we can ensure you get credited for the new customer referral.
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