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About Pathfinder


It was the passing of Chantale Fontaine’s special Golden Retriever, Rozzi, that inspired her to create Pathfinder Pet Care in 2011. The bond she experienced with Rozzi, combined with a desire for a career change lead Chantale to create her own pet care company; a company that holds high standards in customer service and approaches pet care from the perspective of the pet. Pathfinder's success is built on its strong values providing companionship and making business decisions that give great consideration to what is in the best interests of the animals they care for.

Fast forward more than 10 years, Chantale has become a dog expert working with hundreds of dogs and yes, cats too. Chantale is a 
Certified Professional Animal Care Provider with the Professional Animal Care Certification Council. She's the only person certified in all of British Columbia. She provides coaching for dog owners experiencing relationship challenges with their dog(s) and collaborates with Sheila Gunston Dip.CBST, PCBC-A, who specializes in complex canine behaviour.

In October 2021, Chantale, with the help of Kimberly and family took over a run-down kennel in Steveston and transformed it into the new Pathfinder Dog Ranch. And, if you're wondering... NO! Pathfinder Dog Ranch is NOT A KENNEL.

We are PACCC Certified... Why this matters to you as a Pet Owner:

There are only a few people worldwide with this designation, and it matters!  Pathfinder's Founder and Owner, Chantale Fontaine, is the ONLY Certified Professional Animal Care Provider in British Columbia. Watch this video below to learn more.



Check out the gallery below to see the transformations at the new Pathfinder Dog Ranch.


A special thank you to Morris Fontaine (Contractor Super Hero), Helene Fontaine (Lead Designer) and Kimberly Dawn (Woman of Many New Skills) for their endless volunteer hours, I mean 7 days a week to make this project a reality. 

Pathfinder Dog Ranch: A Work in Progress

Our Team
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