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Canine Behavior Consulting
at the Pathfinder Dog Ranch

Dog Profile
Private one-on-one coaching with Chantale Fontaine. Over the years, Chantale (owner of Pathfinder Pet Care & Dog Ranch) has worked with hundreds of dogs; different breeds, personalities and behavior challenges. Through this experience, she has become a dog expert. Chantale has developed a gift for teaching dog owners how to better understand dog behavior and overcome common challenges. You'll learn how to improve your communication with your pet, and in turn, improve your partnership. Many dog behavior challenges can be overcome through knowledge and developing positive reinforcement methods. 

Sheila Gunston Dip.CBST, PCBC-A, FDM

Pathfinder has a direct partnership with Sheila Gunston to help dog owner's with their pet's behavior challenges. Sheila specializes in aggression and other complex behaviors and continues to further her education regularly.


Here are some of Sheila's accreditations:

  • Canine Behavior Science and Technology Diploma with an aggressive behavior specialization

  • Fully Accredited Professional Canine Behavior Consultant with the PPAB

  • Certified L.E.G.S Applied Ethology Family Dog Mediator

  • Doggone Safe "Be a Tree" Presenter


Private Behavior Consulting over Zoom


Sheila Gunston (Dip.CBST, PCBC-A, FDM) specializes in complex behaviors such as aggression, fear, anxiety and reactivity.  In many cases, the presence of a stranger can make things worse - it is often much safer and less stressful for your dog and for us that Sheila not be there in person.  For this reason, her services are offered remotely via Zoom. If, after your Zoom session(s) you feel that you need one on one in person help, we will be happy to refer you to a trusted colleague locally to continue with our training plan.

  • Private coaching and/or practice with Chantale Fontaine

       $65 / 45 min session

  • Zoom Session with Sheila Gunston (intro session)

       $100 / 1 hr session​

  • Zoom Session with Sheila Gunston (follow-up sessions)

       $75/ 45 min session

* Rates subject to GST.

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