Dog Day Care
at the Pathfinder Dog Ranch

Availability: Mondays - Saturdays
Closed Sundays & Stat Holidays

What makes our dog day care awesome is we have over an acre of outdoor fenced areas for dogs to play, explore and socialize. We have separate indoor/outdoor spaces for smaller dogs that are intimidated by rambunctious dogs and senior dogs who want to chill while having companionship. No dogs are crated. All our overnight guests benefit from our day camp service.

          DIRTY DOGS!

                                                                     Yeah, I said it! Your dog will probably get dirty from digging,                                                                        rolling, playing etc, etc. That's all part of being a dog at the Dog                                                                      Ranch. If required, we can provide a rinse and towel dry service                                                                    for $10, so your dog is clean at pick-up. Let us know in advance if                                                                  you want us to ensure your dog is clean and we'll add-on this service.

Dog Rate:   $35 / day
                 $28 / half-day (up to 4 hours)  - only available for trial days
                 $10 add-on option if you would like your dog rinsed and towel dried before pick-up      

* Late fees apply - $5 per 15 minutes outside of designated check-in/check-out times. $10 Stat Holiday Surcharge. Rates subject to GST and can change without notice. All invoices are due in full upon check-in.


Drop-Off / Pick-Up Times (BY APPOINTMENT):

Mondays-Fridays:                7:30am-10am


Saturdays:                           10am-12pm


* Late fees apply - $5 per 15 minutes outside of designated check-in/check-out times.

  • A preliminary screening interview with your pet  (we only accept dogs that are suitable to live in a family / group setting).  

  • Complete Pathfinder's intake form and client agreement.

  • Up to date vaccines and preventative flea treatment (copy of vaccine certificate or Titre test required).

  • NOTE: Un-neutered males and females in heat are unable to participate in group care. 

Washing the Dog
Dogs with trainer