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Private Dog Walks
available in South Delta

Availability: Mondays - Fridays
Between 8:30am-4pm
Stat Holidays & Weekends - By Appointment

Private walks are on-leash walks around your neighbourhood. Suitable for dogs that are reactive or aren't physically able to participate in the hour group hike.

                $30 / 30 minute walk
             $33 / 45 minute walk
             $35 / 1 hour walk (based on availability)
             + $5 for additional dog in same household (both dogs must have excellent leash walking skills)

* $10 Stat Holiday Surcharge. Rates subject to GST and can change without notice. All invoices are due in full on the scheduled day of service. 

  • A preliminary interview with you and your pet at your home.

  • Complete Pathfinder's intake form and client agreement.

  • We will require access to your home (key or code) to pick-up and drop-off your dog for its scheduled walks

Walking with Dogs
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